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The Now exists.

It is a world outside the realm of the ordinary, but deep within the subconscious memory
that we all share and call faerytales. It is a world of dreams and fantasies, a place both 
terrifying & wondrous, rich in history and legend and magic. And it is in dire peril...

I first encountered the white fox, the messenger, years ago, during my studies of modern shamanism. 
Since then, his spirit has been with me, looking over my shoulder as I write, constantly nudging me toward the desk.

He whispered to me a tale of friendship and courage, of wonder and woe; and now, I release the story beyond myself.

I am proud and excited to present: Return to Now, an epic faerytale in five parts.
I invite you to join us -- Jack, the fox, and myself -- as we embark upon the adventure of a lifetime!

Read Ravenously!
Brian Shepp


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